Scientifically Formulated Product

Biosol Plus WWT for Wastewater Treatment

This scientifically formulated product is a proven treatment for liquid waste effluents of toilets and/or sewerage treatment plants including agricultural and industrial wastes.

It contains both cationic and anionic flocculants that react within minutes with the suspended solids whether they are positively- or negatively-charged ions.  To enhance the binding reaction of the suspended solids an organic-based coagulant as well as surfactant are added so large molecules are formed thereby accelerating the precipitation process. The coagulum after the activation process can now be effectively filtered out through a sand cum activated carbon filter.

The product also contains organic-based functional compounds such as enzymes, surfactant, emulsifying agent, stabilizing agent, and anti-oxidant to effect a more efficient activation of the dissolved solids.

Some of these compounds can be made useful through a process of chelation by means of an organic complex molecule which upon reaction will make the compounds highly assimilable by plants if processed into liquid or organic fertilizer.


Sewage Wastewater
Industrial Wastewater
Agricultural Wastewater
Leachate Wastewater


High Efficiency Performance Treatment

Accelerated Process Treatment

Proven Effective to Treat Numerous Variety of Wastewater

Contains both Cationic & Anionic Flocculants

Enhanced Binding Reaction of Suspended Solids

More Efficient Activation of Dissolved Solids

Highly Assimilable by Plants if Processed Into Liquid or Organic Fertilizer