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It has been our hearts desire from the beginning to provide diversified products that would make life sustainable globally. We are your #PartnerForChange because we provide solutions that would not just benefit you but even the rest of the world

Livestock Management Services

The Company provides a technical services when it comes to creating a more hygienic environment, efficient and sustainable livestock production. With all of these by your side, we can assure you of a more realized potential income.

The technical expertise includes plant consultation providing you with the best methodology and proper application of BIO PLUS Activator (Livestock) from day 0 till the day of harvest.

With the technology that we have, we can also cut down the cleaning time for poultry farmers because once the harvest is done, manure collected are already dry. We can also help the farmer with their waste disposal or better turn their waste to a profitable, eco-friendly Organic Fertilizer.

For Swine Farmers, an odor free farm is now achievable. No need to worry for those who has biogas system installed for our BIO PLUS Activator works well with this kind of setup.


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