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Waste Water Treatment and Management

The company is equipped with the technical and manpower experienced to design a sewerage master plan for the treatment of the sewage waste of a city or a municipality of varied populations. Such a system can also be modified to handle effluent waste of poultry, piggery and livestock farms.

The system is both flexible and efficient and provides for design parameters that will meet international standards for Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5), solids and total coliform counts among others. The sewage waste goes through a preliminary treatment process to remove grit and other debris. The degritted sludge is then activated using a specially formulated advanced waste water treatment preparation enhanced by an extended aeration mechanism that fine air bubbles to sustain growth of biological agents which in turn feed on pollutants. This bio-chemical preparation is known as Biosol Plus.

The activated sludge and the scum removed from clarifiers are dumped into the sludge treatment area for partial drying. It is then collected and converted into organic fertilizer using the advanced bio-fermentation process described earlier. The clarified liquid effluent can be used for irrigation purposes, further treated for re-use or in the manufacture of foliar fertilizers.

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